IsoLife - Stable Isotope Labelled Plant Products for the Life Sciences


IsoLife bv produces and sells uniformly labelled compounds derived from food plants and pharmaceutical / medicinal herbs for use as tracers and standards in a wide range of research and diagnostics in the Life Sciences as Stable Isotope Tracers and Internal Standards. Our customers are private companies and public research organisations located worldwide.

"IsoLife helps to solve your problems with tracers and standards"

Stable Isotope Tracers

The stable isotope 13C is safe and consumer-friendly as it is non-radioactive. Our labelled products - ranging from 1.1% to 99% enrichment - enable scientists in medical, nutritional, pharmaceutical, biochemical and environmental sciences to track and trace transport and transformations in living organisms (humans and animals) and in the environment. Our products are often used to support health claims (Applications | Example Nutrition). 

Internal Standards

Stable isotope-labelled plants (e.g. Arabidopsis, tomato), plant extracts or phytochemicals are used as 13C-Internal Standards for the identification and quantification of metabolites in natural, unlabelled samples by LC-MS or GC-MS techniques in metabolomics (Applications | Example Metabolomics).


IsoLife is a spin-off company of Plant Research International BV, part of Wageningen UR, The Netherlands. IsoLife has its residence in Wageningen - City of Life Sciences - situated in the Dutch Food Valley and Health Valley.